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Effer have cable winches for all working requirements are available to meet your individual needs.

The winch kit system has a hydraulic limiting switch rope up and a hydraulic limiting switch rope down. Standard device is an electric type with a hydraulic type optional. Effer marine cranes have the capacity to allow for large winches due to the robust design of their extension cylinders. A strong reliable winch supporting plate mounts the winch onto the various tested points of all the cranes. This allows customers to have the winch in the best position for their individual needs. Effer marine cranes also have the option of installing two winches, ideal and safe for dual operations. 

Preffered Marine stock, sell and rent a wide range of winches for all different types of applications. We can obtain parts as well as supply brand new OEM winches from manufacturers Brevini, Dinamic Oil and Braden. All three have been standard issue on Effer marine cranes. Preffered Marine can also design new mounting plates around existing equipment on request.

Preffered Marine supply winch wire rope for all applications. We can identify the exact winch wire rope type originally fitted to your Effer crane from the factory build list.

Preffered Marine stock and rental ranges are regularly updated - so please contact us for full details.