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Safety Features

Effer marine cranes are built for safe lifting and designed to avoid dangerous, expensive and preventable accidents. 



Hydraulic overload device / load limiting device - Built according to standard DIN 15006 and fitted so that all crane functions stop when boom structures are overloaded. When the crane is blocked, the only movement allowed by the release valve is to move the load inwardly towards the crane column or to lower the load. The operator can monitor the cylinder pressure using the gauge located near the control levers.
Luminous column - LED lit visual indicators with an audio alarm for safe operations. Flashing Green points out that the crane is being operated using the radio controls. Flashing amber indicates that the crane is using 90% of its lifting capacity. Flashing red indicates that the crane has reached 100% of the lifting capacity and stops the crane.
Electronic weighting system - A display on the remote control and a separate wireless handheld display that indicates the load weight via a load cell device on the hook (net weight and gross weight). 
Limited safe slewing system - Operating the crane next to obstacles could result in a dangerous accidental collision. By activating this safety device, the rotation of the crane is limited by a system of micro switches and cams or alternatively fixed mechanical blocks, which prevents the crane rotating into a selected area.
Type 1. FIXED mechanical type: you cannot remove it or change the angle once installed.
Type 2. ADJUSTABLE electric type: you can remove or change the angle.
Load Holding Valves - holds the Crane boom arms up and prevents the crane load from dropping due to hose-failure.
Anti two block system -
Winch:  Down end stroke device is hydraulic type and the upper limit device is electric type.
1) Down end stroke device is hydraulic type.
This prevents the wire rope from being accidentally spooled completely off the drum and brakes the winch drum at a set limit.  Options of a manual override handle for use of crane hook without winch.
2) Upper Limit switches i.e. anti two-block.
Sends out an alarm and stops the crane to prevent the main hook raising up until it contacts any part of the boom tip. This can occur while winching up, or telescoping the boom out. 
This is a  device for emergency situations of over-loading crane due to hook entanglement (for example Crane on oil rig lifting load entangled to a supply boat or other moving objects).
When the MOPS button is activated by the operator the winch down end stroke device stop is switched off which automatically allows the wire rope to be released by allowing for completely spooling of the drum in an entanglement situation.
This function (MOPS) also allows reduction / loss of performance (downgrading) of the crane, so as to move the crane and restore safe conditions, or in order to position the load anyway. 
A 500W, IP67 lamp installed on the side of the boom, to be activated through a switch positioned on crane bottom. (220V power, with automatic thermal magnetic and residual current operated circuit breaker).