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Maintenance and Repair

Effer marine cranes are designed for uncomplicated maintenance and repairs. Through servicing the marine crane, the operational lifespan is improved and any future maintenance costs reduced. 

Service Manuals are available from Effer for new and existing customers. The manuals are complete with diagrams and instructions to assist with maintenance and repair.

Crane documentation supplied with each new crane. The documentation includes:

A spares parts manual with diagrams for the individual crane.

  • A complete maintenance and operational manual, which includes all the installation procedures, power pack manual and any, chosen extra device manuals (hook load cell device etc).
  • Detailed technical data, including load charts, dimension drawings and full hydraulic/electric schematics.
  • DWG files are also available on each crane for use with a CAD package.
  • Certification for the winch kit, wire and shackle.
  • All Factory test and society classification certificates.

Centralised greasing system and grease channels in the bushes help to minimise all maintenance work and increase protection.