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Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU)

Effer standard supply HPU's are from manufacturer Parmafluid. Parmafluid have a wide range of hydraulic power packs for all applications. Each component Effer use is selected for its overall system compatibility, durability and cost effectiveness. Effer use only the highest quality commercially available components with a proven record of success. This high standard of components eliminates potential expensive downtimes for customers whilst still using the best products within customer budgets. Effer can also offer Parmafluid ATEX HPU's.

Brimmond Group

Preffered Marine sister company Brimmond Group is a major manufacturer of diesel/electric hydraulic power units. Brimmond also have a large HPU rental fleet. They design and build their units in house and have been supplying power units to the energy sector since 1996. Brimmond Group can design and manufacture HPU's for projects that require a bespoke power solution.