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Heave Compensation

Effer marine/offshore cranes can be fitted with a choice of heave compensated systems. Each designed to meet your user project requirements.

Constant Tension (CT) - To achieve a constant line pull this system will pay in or pay out wire to maintain a preset value (typically measured using a load cell). The line pull being constant allows for a safer lifting/ landing with loads prevented from bouncing up and down on the deck.

Passive Heave Compensated (PHC) – This system is for reducing the wave impact on crane operations. Acts like a shock absorber against the wave impact on the load. Benefits of system (PHC) are that there is less dynamic motion, which prevents uncontrolled dangerous load movements. The system protects the crane also from catch snap loads and catches slack in the hoisting wire to avoid rewinding incorrectly. Ideal for the when load is lowered through the splash zone.

Active Heave Compensated (AHC) - The purpose of AHC is to keep the load steady and motionless while being held by crane on a vessel at sea state. The AHC is the best solution when not having a fixed reference point and Ideal for subsea situations where the load in the sea requires a constant distant from seabed or equipment.