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Full Strip Down/Refurbishments

Preffered Marine refurbishes repairs and upgrades a diverse, and ever-increasing, range of marine crane and associated equipment. We are able to repair from the simplest of faults to a fully commissioned overhaul in-house at our facility. Preffered Marine offer improvements and solutions to existing equipment, considered around your requirements. Our large fully equipped workshop has in-house design and fabrication capabilities. We pride ourselves on our growing service and quality refurbishment reputation. 

Marine cranes, A-frames, ROV LARS, winches, power packs and other related equipment used within a marine/offshore environment is subject to extremely harsh sea conditions. Preffered Marine’s refurbishment ensures that the lifespan of the equipment is increased and is a far more cost effective alternative to a brand new replacement.

Preffered Marine’s trained engineers review the status and collect all relevant information on the existing equipment. We can then discuss the client’s goals and requirements for the overall project. Preffered Marine can assist clients with any onsite refurbishment and repairs. Our structured procedures ensure for fast and efficient turnaround of equipment. With the evaluation fully complete, we can then put together suggestions for updating/repairing the equipment. Components are then removed, dismantled and inspected. Remedial work is carried out on site, which reduces production loss and keeps cost to a minimum.