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Effer marine cranes have a range of precise, efficient safe and reliable control options all designed and engineered for client requirements. 

Freestanding Controls - Standard supply with all Effer cranes and offering a protective support that simplifies installation onboard. The control valve blocks are also inclusive of the winch control lever. This simplifies any retrofit of a winch in the future. This fully closable protective control system has been nickname the BBQ due to its appearance.

Operator platform - Option of being side mounted to crane with control valve block installed with operator to seat option or standing platform option (both with excellent operator visibility).

Remote control system - High quality, tough and lightweight range of controls are available to choose from including explosion-proof versions.

Effer Operator Cabs - Designed for optimal viewing lines to facilitate the crane operator to work more efficiently and improve quality for continuous operations. Doors and windows are sealed to withstand marine conditions with the front window including a wiper system. Choose from a selection of monitors and controls to create the optimal working environment that you require .The operator cab has the option of being fitted with air conditioning and heater.